Lime Mortar Brickwork Repair Winchester, Hampshire

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Brickwork repair using lime mortar.

Lime Mortar Brickwork Repair Winchester Twyford Romsey Southampton Hampshire

Lime Mortar Brickwork Repair

Most repairs to the exterior of brick houses will be addressing issues with pointing, which can recess and crumble over time. But many homes will also suffer from problems with either individual or groups of bricks themselves. Bricks will wear naturally over time and will certainly be showing some signs of age if you live in a Victorian home, but natural ageing is not usually a problem. If anything, this just makes your brickwork more beautiful.

Structural problems such as bulging or sagging walls will need serious attention and could mean extensive and expensive repairs to your home, but single bricks can start to break down, otherwise known as ‘blowing’ or ‘spalling’. This is usually down to damage where water has got in and cannot get out. Damp, wind-blown rain and ice can all cause havoc with bricks where a small crack or damage to the pointing lets the wet get in. The result is a flaking brick that will eventually fall away in parts.

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