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Lime mortar is composed of lime and an aggregate such as sand, mixed with water.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use lime mortars about 6,000 years ago. It can be seen on the most iconic historical landmarks across the world, such as the Great Wall of China, the Houses of Parliament and the Rome Colosseum

great wall of china lime mortar

The Great Wall of China

houses of parliament lime mortar

The Houses of Parliament

rome colosseum lime mortar

The Rome Colosseum

With the introduction of Portland cement during the 19th century, the use of lime mortar in new constructions gradually declined. This was largely due to the ease of use of Portland cement, its quick setting, and high compressive strength. However, the soft and porous properties of lime mortar provide certain advantages when working with softer building materials such as natural stone and terracotta. For this reason, while Portland cement continues to be commonly used in new constructions of brick and concrete construction, in the repair and restoration of brick and stone-built structures originally built using lime mortar, the use of Portland cement is not recommended.

It is only in the last twenty years or so that the damage caused by ‘modern’, hard, impervious materials have been fully understood and documented. There is now a widespread realisation that it is vitally important to use lime in the conservation and repair of old and historic buildings. As a result, there has been a huge revival in its use. 

Another factor that has driven the resurgence in the use of lime is that it is widely regarded as being less damaging environmentally than its modern counterparts. It is therefore also being specified and used in new ecological builds.

Portland Cement Vs Lime Mortar

Lime Vs Cement Mortar

It is only in the last twenty years or so that the damage caused by ‘modern’, hard, impervious materials have been fully understood and documented...

Lime Mortar Repointing, Repair and Restoration - Winchester - Alresford - Twyford - Eastleigh - Hampshire

Lime Mortar Pointing Repair

Natural elements and the previous use of cement will play a part in when repointing needs to be considered...

Lime Mortar Pointing Costs Winchester Alresford Twyford Eastleigh Romsey Hampshire

Lime Mortar Pointing Costs

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten... The biggest investment you will ever make will be in bricks and mortar.

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