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Lime mortar repointing Basingstoke Hampshire Edwardian terrace

Edwadian terrace lime mortar repointing Basingstoke

Lime mortar repointing Basingstoke Hampshire Edwardian terrace sample

Circa 1850 lime mortar repointing and brick replacement

The front and the back of this lovely Edwardian terraced house was given a sympathetic prewash and scrub, the old lime mortar removed and replaced with an NHL lime and 3mm Morestead aggregate.

The front of the house had sure seen better days but the rear of the property was in the poorest state due to it being South facing. When repointing we had to make sure all the work was kept covered so the sun wouldn't prematurely dry the mortar out.


Before the start of work

The area of work had sure seen better days with damaged bricks, missing mortar and previous bad cement repairs.

During works

The old mortar and damaged bricks have been carefully removed and the wall lightly washed down ready for brick replacement and repointing.

1850 lime mortar repointing during

Completed work

The finished work had been left dampened and covered to allow correct curing during the current spell of hot weather.

One finished the homeowner was delighted with the results and we think it looks great to, but most important we know we have done a quality time served repair that will serve this lovely house long into the future.



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